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Talk with people near you wherever you go, or listen to what's going on around you. Just tune to a channel and push the button.

January, 2017 7

Try the “Echo” Channel

In case you don’t have any friends on the system yet, you can still test the system by yourself: just for fun, we have created the Echo Channel, a private channel with a special feature: normally you can’t hear yourself when you transmit; but with this special channel, anything you (or anyone else in your nearby vicinity) transmits will [...]

Roger SpreenRoger Spreen

Device Recovery, Without Accounts!

A key element of Virtual Airwaves ease of use is that it works just like any handheld radio device: there’s no account to set up, no sign-in or registration, no synchronizing; you just use it and it works.  This philosophy that each mobile phone/tablet is its own separate Virtual Airwaves device is highly practical: the [...]

Roger SpreenRoger Spreen