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October, 2018 2

New feature: fast-change for channels

Callbox v2.0.2 is being released, which is an optional upgrade, but which brings 2 desirable features: First, you can now flip around through channels much easier than before; we’ve added a fast change┬áchannel picker right on the main screen so that you can spin through the channel list and move to that channel directly – all [...]

Roger SpreenRoger Spreen

Callbox 2.0 is here!

As you’ve probably seen if you tried to launch the 1.0 version, there is now a “2.0” version of Callbox available in the App Store! You’ll have no trouble recognizing this new version – it brings a new look to our favorite big, just-push-it-to-talk button; this represents lots of new infrastructure behind [...]